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  • September 9th, 2010AsktheBandMusic News

    RIP, Rich Cronin

    AsktheBand is very sad to learn about the death of Rich Cronin, the lead singer and songwriter of the 1990’s boy band Lyte Funky Ones (LFO).

    Cronin, 35, lost his long battle with leukemia on Wednesday.

    AsktheBand is a proud owner of LFO’s self-titled first album. We were also lucky enough to see them open up for the Backstreet Boys years ago in South Florida.

    The band’s most popular singles include “Summer Girls” (aka The Abercrombie and Fitch song) and “Girl On TV”.

    Our thoughts go out to Rich’s family and friends.

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  • September 8th, 2010AsktheBandMusic News

    Kings of Leon on fire

    Kings of Leon released their new single “Radioactive” off of their upcoming October album– TODAY.

    AsktheBand will be rocking their faces off on the 17th (that’s nine days folks!) to all of the Followill’s at South Florida’s Cruzan Amphitheater.

    Here is the video for “Radioactive”.

    There is something about a man in flannel jamming out in a barn that gets us all giddy. We are going to go cool down.

    And here is a “making of” video that we can’t help compulsively watching on repeat. You know you enjoy it.

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  • September 6th, 2010AsktheBandMusic News

    New Release: Passive Me, Aggressive You

    The Naked and Famous released their debut album today. We were counting down the minutes until it dropped.

    It was worth every single second of the wait.

    Snatch it on BandCamp. You can stream the whole album through the site and download individual songs. We suggest you get the entire album.

    TN&F are not very US accessible yet, but AsktheBand is hoping to change that. Soon.

    Go download it now! It’s worth every cent.

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  • August 16th, 2010AsktheBandMusic News

    Worth Watching: Punching In A Dream

    The Naked and Famous just released their latest music video for “Punching In A Dream”. The single is off of their much anticipated upcoming album.

    This video is wonderfully strange with cheesy green screens and slasher masks. Check it out here!

    We love, love, love this band!

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  • July 20th, 2010AsktheBandMusic News

    Still clothed and unknown

    Thanks to a very special someone, AsktheBand has a new favorite song.

    We understand the boldness of that statement, and we are not using it lightly.

    We were recently asked to listen to “Young Blood” by The Naked and Famous and our life has honestly not been the same since.

    (We are contemplating tattoos of the lyrics…notes…title…all the above? We told you this was serious!)

    The five piece band from New Zealand is picking up a lot of press in record time.

    “Young Blood” debuted on New Zealand’s Singles Chart at number one and held the spot for two weeks. It has already been featured in commercials and was recently nominated for a Silver Scroll—a New Zealand prize presented by an anonymous judging panel to the year’s best-written song.

    We can’t bear to keep this track to ourselves for one more moment! Here is the video and the Grooveshark stream. Prepare to have your life changed.

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  • July 12th, 2010AsktheBandReviews

    Monday Music Madness

    The past few days have been exceptionally exciting. Austin keeps getting better by the hour.

    We are positive we are in the right place, at the right time in our lives.

    Here are five songs to celebrate our excitement. AsktheBand hopes wherever you are today, you (and your ears) are happy.

    1. Neon Trees – “In The Next Room”

    If you locked The Killers in a room with The Spill Canvas, and provided a bottle of red wine and some lavender scented candles, in 9 months or so you’d have this song.

    2. The Black Keys – “Tighten Up”

    AsktheBand saw The Black Keys open up for Dashboard Confessional back in 2003—and we were not blown away by their sound. Since that fateful concert, the Ohio duo has remained off of our radar.

    But that recently changed when some sneakster slipped this track onto a mix CD.

    This urbanesque song morphs about 2/3 of the way in, confirming that this indie rock band has moved in a bold (and brilliant) direction.

    3. VV Brown – “Shark in the Water”

    VV Brown is a singer, songwriter, pianist, model, and a clothing designer. She is 26 years old.

    We can’t vouch for all of her career paths, but what we do know is this girl can sing. We caught this cute and sassy song on VH1 one morning. It has been on our playlist ever since.

    4. Gravitonas – “Kites” (Dada Life Remix)

    We thought we were out of our Ultra phrase– but this jam makes us want to break out our glow sticks and grind. Don’t judge us.

    We are confused about the makeup of this Stockholm project. It says on their site that Andrea Öhrn is the lead vocalist, and record producers/songwriters Alexander Bard and Henrik Wikström are also involved. But why are only two faces featured all over the page?

    Where is Henrik’s picture? We want some answers.

    We also want you to give this song a listen.

    5. Mika – “We Are Golden”

    This is one of our favorite songs ever. It has been for a few years. We honestly feel this song defines our generation.

    AsktheBand loves this song so much we’d willingly get the “No giving up…” lyric tattooed somewhere on our bodies if it didn’t sound so crude.

    It really means something so much more.

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